What do they DO all day?

Ever found yourself asking this question?  What do they do all day?  How can it take that long to produce that report, make that call, close that sale, complete that letter, have lunch… ?  

Whether you are asking it about your employees, your colleagues or your boss, the answer is the same: they are doing what they think they can with the time they have and they will prioritise according to what matters most to them

Business Strategy to People Strategy: Data is Key

In the days of big data it is easy to get excited about the types, variety and volume of data available. However, as Albert Einstein’s maxim goes - not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that can be measured matters – that is, let’s make sure the data we use is actually aligned to what we are trying to achieve (it matters) and let’s also make sure the data we use is available and accurate (can be measured). 

3 questions to ask yourself at the end of the working week

How are you spending your Friday afternoons? 

  • Are you basking in the glory of a great week, and looking forward to the weekend (great stuff if you are, keep it up!)
  • Are you feeling decidedly meh
  • Are you watching the minutes tick by, waiting for a tortuous week to be over? 

Are you happy with how your Friday feels or do you want to make a change? 

Here’s an exercise for you to think about ...

Workplace trust: by nature, not by law.

Many employers will be breathing a sigh of relief following the decision of the High Court last week in CBA v Barker [2014] HCA 32.  The legal implications of this decision are positive for employers: in essence aggrieved employees cannot seek damages for breach of an implied term of mutual trust and confidence based on how they were treated (or mistreated) during their employment. 

Who gets your most valuable employee award? Anything to learn from the AFL’s MVP award?

This week Fremantle’s Nat Fyfe won the AFL’s most valuable player award, as voted by his fellow AFL players.  Suggestions abound that this is, in part, the players ensuring that a player who has excelled this year but isineligible for the Brownlow is still acknowledged in a significant way.

So in your workplace, who gets the awards?  Is it clear? Is it fair? When was it last reviewed?

Do you tune-in or tune-out?

A naturopath once told me that my body has all the wisdom it needs to heal itself.  I remember at the time thinking that was mad… I had come to her to cure me: was she not up to the task? Didn’t she just have some herbs to give me to fix the problem?  I just needed a fix; I needed her to give me the answers and the cure in one, preferably brief, visit.